From avian tracking to population processes #BOU2017

The BOU 2017 Annual Conference will take place in University of Warwick, UK. BirdLife will be there to present and promote the EO4wildlife project.

About the conference.
Bird movements and migrations have fascinated humans for centuries. From local-scale foraging and dispersal to continent-scale migration, the movement and settlement decisions made by birds can have far-reaching consequences for individual fitness and population processes. As the BOU2015 conference on Avian Tracking demonstrated, recent technological advances have greatly improved our capacity to track individuals on their journeys, while colour-marking and re-sighting studies continue to provide large high-quality datasets on movement and behaviour at a range of scales. This conference will build on this work by exploring the drivers of variation in individual movement, migration and settlement decisions and their consequences for a suite of population processes.
Further information is available in the conference website

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
University of Warwick, UK (28 - 30 Mar 2017)