EO4wildlife D1.2 Use Case scenarios v2

This document is the second version of deliverable D1.1 of WP1: Wildlife scenario. It is the most possible exhaustive transcription of Use Case Leaders feedbacks in terms of requirements for the EO4wildlife platform.

The document is composed of two main parts: the first one is organized in verbal scenarios from each Use Case Leader while the second part is a system and service oriented translation of the user’s requirements using the Unified Modelling Language use case. According to the work carried out in the second phase of T1.1, both parts of the document have been updated in v2 including: new information of data requirements, update of the Wildlife scenarios sections (with additional details in the Bird and Marina mammal scenarios), and update of the use case section. Finally the new version includes as a new annex a detailed list of services to implement.

Thursday, June 29, 2017