EO4wildlife D1.8 Validation Test reports v2

This document reports on the validation tests performed during the last validation campaign of the EO4wildlife platform. It covers the tests described in D1.4 Validation & Evaluation Plan v2 . Test Cases were updated to include new data analytic services as described in D3.6 Data Mining and High Level Data Fusion Services v2 for fulfilling the scenario requirements outlined in D1.2 Use Case scenarios v2 and D3.8 Thematic Analytic Services v2 and should include all functionalities available in the EO4wildlife platform.
Test Cases were executed according to a Test Plan campaign edited through a specific open source test management tool named “TesLink” . They were evaluated as a black box during the validation phase, and issues associated with each test were reported into a dedicated issue report using the JIRA software .
Intermediate test campaigns were performed as new functionalities were being implemented in the platform, and validation tests were communicated by JIRA issue reports or email exchanges.
This document reports on the most recent status of the tests but also includes an overview of all JIRA issue reports which were opened through the validation campaigns during the EO4wildlife project.

Thursday, December 20, 2018