EO4wildlife D1.9 Overall Evaluation report

This document describes the strategies undertaken to assess the achievements of the project both in terms of the usability of the platform for end users and its sustainability. It provides detailed descriptions of feedback received by project partners, Advisory Board members and external users. This information will ensure that the final product(s) developed during the project frame is relevant to end users.
This deliverable is complementary to D1.4 “Validation & Evaluation Plan v2” and D1.8 “Validation Test reports v2” , which report on the tests performed during the validation campaign of the platform EO4wildlife. This document also relies on information provided by D4.7 “Report on networking and community building v3” that describes the strategies undertaken to establish the user community by facilitating networking activities towards professional and scientific groups and networks. In particular, it provides detailed descriptions of other EU-funded projects liaison activities and advisory board activities. Finally, this document used information provided in D4.10 “Exploitation and business plan v3” which describes the advantages of EO4wildlife, but also some of the main features offered by the platform. It also includes the current status of the platform and the future plans to make EO4wildlife a successful and sustainable product.

Thursday, December 20, 2018