EO4wildlife D4.9 Exploitation and business plan v2

This deliverable presents the second version of the exploitation and business plan of EO4wildlife. Although this version focuses on the project outcomes and the individual exploitation plans, the document also includes new sections such as the IPRs management chapter or the platform business plan.

The Market Analysis provided in the first version has been updated including the market target and stakeholders. In addition, the SWOT analysis has been completed taking into account the current features and future evolutions of the EO4wildlife platform. The Market Analysis section has been completed with the review of EO4wildlife competitors where two similar tools have been added. The conclusions presented in this section include not only the advantages of EO4wildlife, but also some of the main features offered by the platform.

This document is restricted to EO4wildlife Consortium. To know more about the deliverable, please place a request in the ‘Contact Us’ section. We reserve the right to decide how much we can disclose.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017