EO4wildlife D5.7 Data Management Plan v2

The first version of the DMP (D5.6 Data Management Plan v1) was released in June 2016. As the DMP is not a fixed document, in June 2017 was released the second version of the deliverable (D5.7 Data Management Plan v2). The current version includes updated information mainly in the Earth Observation (where new datasets have been added) and ADD datasets sections. In addition, new types of data have been included as main types of data (such as Light based geolocation data, GPS data).

Finally, the document is completed with a new annex describing the ADD datasets ordering process.
In order to give a general overview of all datasets to be handled in the project, the data management strategy includes the classification of data collected, processed and generated in the project. The collected data are divided into six types Earth-observation data, Argos data, Light based geolocation data, GPS data, Observation data and Copernicus Additional datasets.

Friday, June 30, 2017