EO4wildlife D5.8 Data Management Plan v3

The purpose of the Data Management Plan (DMP) is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy regarding all the datasets used by the project.
The current document is the third and final version of the Data Management Plan.

The first version of the DMP (D5.6 Data Management Plan v1) was released in June 2016. This version was in compliance with the template provided by the European Commission and it is included within the WP5 Project Management and coordination.

The second version was released in June 2017 (D5.7 Data Management Plan v2). The version v2 included updated information mainly in the Earth Observation (where new datasets have been added) and ADD datasets sections. In addition, new types of data were included (such as Light based geolocation data, GPS data). Finally, the document was completed with a new annex describing the ADD datasets ordering process.

This third version is based in D5.7 (version 2 of the data management plan). The document includes updated information in the Data Management Strategy and EO4wildlife sections, although the overall structure and content remains the same.

Friday, December 21, 2018