European Cetacean Society 30th annual conference, Madeira 2016

EO4wildlife project will be presented in Madeira conference by Agence Des Aires Marines Protogees (AAMP) on Sunday, 13th March

European Cetacean Society 30th annual conference, workshop: “Integrating abundance and distribution information into the process for the identification of Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs)”

This full-day workshop aims to address the following question: How can we better integrate abundance and distribution information visualised through species distribution models into the process for identifying IMMAs? Data and information on the abundance and distribution of marine mammals is necessary for their protection in marine management and spatial planning. Where systematically collected data may be unavailable other types of data, information, and alternative analytical approaches (e.g. habitat suitability mapping) will be needed to estimate abundance and describe time- and area-use by marine mammals. It is essential that these data and methodologies are considered in a systematic way during the application of criteria to identify Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs), a strategic classification enhancing future marine planning and conservation measures for these species.

Moreover, information on abundance and distribution must be considered in a manner that complements and enhances existing approaches based on ecological and behavioural studies, satellite telemetry, genetic analyses, and expert opinion. To this end, the IUCN Joint SSC-WCPA Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force (IUCN-MMPATF) is supporting a technical workshop series aimed at evaluating the main scientific approaches necessary for the identification of IMMAs. The primary goal of the proposed workshop - the second in the series - is to advance this work by examining how data and information on marine mammal abundance and distribution can be visualized geospatially through species modelling and used to support the identification of IMMAs. Results of these workshops will also contribute towards the creation of an IMMA Toolkit, which will become the primary guidance for the identification of IMMAs, and will be presented formally at the 4th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas (ICMMPA4) in Mexico.

Sunday, March 13, 2016
Funchal, Madeira