University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre

United Kingdom
IT Innovation

The IT Innovation Centre ( ) is a research centre for advancing a wide range of information technologies and their deployment in industry, commerce and the public sector. As part of Electronics and Computer Science, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, at the University of Southampton, the Centre is an international leader in research on secure service-oriented, information discovery and decision support systems, Big Data research, data analytics, data archiving and preservation, and their relationship to new business models, processes and values. The Centre addresses research and technical challenges in conjunction with business, operational and societal challenges. It also presents work results as software demonstrators, white papers, confidential reports and targeted academic and technical publications.

Key personnel

  • Dr Zoheir Sabeur (male) is currently Science Director at IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton. He has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Glasgow (1990) and has over 25 years of research experience in Information Systems Sciences. He joined the University of Southampton, IT Innovation Centre, in 2009, following 14 years as Director and Head of R&D at BMT Group Ltd.
  • Dr Gianluca Correndo (male) is a research engineer at IT Innovation where he works on Linked Data and Intelligent Data Fusion. Over the last six years he has been carrying out, within the University of Southampton, research in Semantic Web, Ontology based data integration and Linked Data. In the last three years he has been working on open governmental data, using linked data and RDF as a mean to publish and integrate different datasets into coherent schema.
  • Dr Galina Veres (female) has a PhD from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Moscow. Galina is an expert in computer vision, human behaviour recognition, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence and automated state detections in complex systems. At Southampton University she took up a fellowship in Engineering in 2003.
  • Dr Banafshe Arbab-Zavar (female) has a PhD from the University of Southampton. She specializes in image processing and pattern and object recognition. Banafshe worked as a Research Fellow in the Cooperation Collaborative project (STREP) University of Southampton on the SCOVIS (a FP7project) on the tracking and recognition of human behaviour in industrial workflows using computer vision.