WP4 Outreach & Sustainability

EO4wildlife D4.7 Report on networking and community building v3

This document describes the strategies undertaken to establish the user community by facilitating networking activities towards professional and scientific groups and networks. It provides detailed descriptions of other EU-funded projects liaison activities, advisory board activities and standardization activities. These activities, by involving the wildlife tracking community in the development process, will ensure that the final product(s) is widely applicable across many domains.

EO4wildlife D4.3 Dissemination and Communication report and materials v2

This second version of the dissemination and communication report includes the overall strategy and plan to facilitate the dissemination of the project results, already outlined in the first version of the deliverable. D4.3 also includes summary reports of the events where EO4wildlife has been presented in 2017. In addition, various dissemination materials are included as annex in the deliverable.

EO4wildlife D4.8 Exploitation and business plan v1

First version of the exploitation and business plan that identifies possible project results, containing a preliminary view of the market situation and the project's positioning, the SWOT analysis and a preliminary exploitation strategy (common strategy and also per individual partner) with the different marketing possibilities

This document is restricted to EO4wildlife Consortium. To know more about the deliverable, please place a request in the ‘Contact Us’ section. We reserve the right to decide how much we can disclose.

EO4wildlife D4.2 Dissemination and Communication report and materials v1

Comprehensive strategy and plan to facilitate the dissemination and communication activities aiming to raise awareness about EO4wildlife towards target groups, followed by summary reports on the concrete activities performed during the project.
It includes the various dissemination materials compilation, including the project brochure and 6-monthly newsletters.