2nd Review Meeting in Brussels

On the 31st of January took place the second Review meeting in Brussels. The EO4wildlife team presented the current status of the project and the work done during the second year of the project. The last version of the EO4wildlife platform was showed presenting the main features and current services of the tool.

Before the Review Meeting, the EO4wildlife team also planned the next steps of the project for 2018.

EO4wildlife Newsletter issue-4 January’18

EO4wildlife Newsletter issue-4 January’18

The fourth EO4wildlife Newsletter has just been released. This issue includes a detailed article about the EO4wildlife platform where you can find out not only the appearance but also the main features.

The second section of this newsletter is devoted to present some of the main events where the
EO4wildlife project has been presented in 2017. Last year, the project was presented in more than fifteen relevant events.

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European Big Data Value Forum 2017

The EO4wildlife project was promoted by ATOS at The European Data Forum (EDF).

The EDF is a key European event for industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European data economy and data-driven innovation in Europe. Likewise, the BDVA Summit has quickly grown into a renowned event for all stakeholders in the European data economy.

Consortium meeting in ATOS headquarters, Madrid, Spain

The EO4wildlife team continues working in the project in order to add new functionalities to the current version of the platform (internally available).

This time the face to face meeting took place at ATOS headquarters (in Madrid). The focus of the meeting was the presentation of the current version of the platform and the planning for the next release which will be available in the following months.

Using Tracking Data for Marine Conservation (BirdLife)

The 6th International Bio-logging Symposium aims to attract a wide range of researchers who use animal-attached electronic devices to study aquatic, terrestrial and aerial species, and their habitats. The term 'bio-logging' is interpreted broadly, encompassing not only logger-based technologies but also cutting-edge telemetry applications, as well as innovative systems using passive tags. Similarly, the scientific scope of BLS6 is broad, encompassing themes that are defined by the following four biological topics: