Child gojo x reader pregnant fluff angst lemon "I hope it's a boy so Gojo-san would stop trying to bleach my hair," Megumi's brows furrowed and turn to sigh. . . . . . I know which are my worst ones. Kind Short-Shot; KH3! Vanitas x Gender Neutral! child!Reader Annoyance. It's time to try Tumblr. 60 parts. Dream asks his younger sister, Willow, to start streaming, and they finally agree. i smoked until i was 8 weeks pregnant Genre: angst, 18+, romance, a bit of enemies to lovers, frenemies, gojo x fem!reader. adult fanfiction naruto It's time to try Tumblr. Staw Hats x black reader lemon cuz. You shifted to face him and wrapped your arms around him, running your hands through his fluffy white hair. " You crossed your arms with a confused expression. Satoru leaned down Megumi who didn't bat him an eye and stared only to you. So yeah enjoy the first happy fic I've made. . Toji's voice softens, filled with a mix of longing and uncertainty. fullcalendar v5 event render hooks example . Fluff (90) Reader-Insert (50) Smut (44) Angst (38) One Shot (28) Alive L (Death Note) (25) Romance (22) Gender-Neutral Pronouns (15) Slow Burn (14) Fluff and Angst (13) Other tags to include. . Some (but not all) of the chapters contain a gender-neutral reader. . Lemon, smut, bondage: Usually has a lot of sexual content. 16 Oct 2023. 44 pages Completed January 21, 2021 Slinky. . . fluff; vanny +15 more # 9. the summoning song meme (Various!BNHA X Fem!Reader) Class 1-A found (Y/N) intriguing. 360 Stories. Discover more posts about bllk x reader, blue lock fluff, bllk x you, bllk fluff, blue lock x. 9K 31 "Love is the most. 60 parts. . Unplanned Pregnancy; Summary. a nurse is caring for a client who is postoperative following a cholecystectomy smeg kettle uk ) 2. He gestures at you flamboyantly before stepping inside to give you a peck on the cheek. Invisible | Tsukishima Kei x Reader by <3. . Jujutsu Kaisen x reader. No Plot/Plotless; I don't know I'll add tags as oneshots come; Summary. Walking along the beach, you cleared your throat. Fluff (6) Angst (6) Reader-Insert (6) Magic (5) Rough Sex (5) Oral Sex (5) Obsession (5) Shameless Smut (5) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Gojo Satoru x reader. . Claimed - Smut, Fluff, Collaring. devops jobs salary in dubai grins if you pout angily at him. Maybe later. 53. This is an Isekai type story. # 1. farming simulator 19 download mod apk obb satoru gojo acting as fushiguro megumi's parental figure. . " (Y/n). 360 Stories. Y/n has a crush on her classmate and good friend Katsuki Bakugo, but is scared to tell him. Thu, Mar 4, 2021. A story where the world's greatest sorcerer falls victim to the youngest son of the [L/n] clan. ". 861 27 7. . dazai, atsushi, akutagawa. state occupational licenses Pregnancy. . Fic will be about 35 chapters long and be updated once or twice a month. . He clicked his tongue making this ‘tsk’. . 5K 20" Beast Tamer " Technoblade x Reader When YN, an insecure maiden that was kidnapped by pillagers to raise their Ravagers was saved by the Blood God. tonia sotiropoulou nude Y/N will have to reveal her secret that she's a demigod to her friends at Hogwarts alongside the demigods that are supposedly transferred students from a school in America. . Pairing: father!gojo satoru x fem!reader. . . Part 1 of Shiro x Reader One Shots; Language: English Words: 1,535. 2K Stories. professional portable ballet barre . gold white lotus harper jewelry eddsworldxreader. Fluff (261) Angst (208) Reader-Insert (203) Smut (152) Hurt/Comfort (120) Batman Played by Robert Pattinson (100) Slow Burn (83) Fluff and Angst (73) Batfamily (DCU) (59) Canon-Typical Violence (58) Other tags to exclude. Discover more posts about obey me smut, obey me fluff, obey me fanfiction, obey me angst, lucifer x mc, obey me x mc, and obey me x reader. 9K 1. . ˚ ༘彡 𝗚𝗢𝗝𝗢: arguments with gojo are so very draining. . Right after "F**k your fav" I go to work. 3 point food plot equipment . You grabbed your cellphone and then began to type out someone’s number. You and Lip have had this predicament going on for a while now. You questioned with a huff, turning to face the tall, white haired man who stood beside you. . by ー𝒚𝒖𝒌𝒊𝒐. Pregnant Higurashi Kagome (22) Fluff (10) Post-Canon (10) Domestic Fluff (7) Pregnancy (6) Happy Ending (5) Family Fluff (5) Canon Compliant (4) Romance (3) Angst (3) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. . . cheesy. JJK boys reaction to your baby kicking for the first time. . . All works; Complete. You gently grasped his hand and pulled him over to the couch. mimosa hostilis malayalam name pronunciation in english translation belphegor. Discover more posts about demon slayer rengoku, kny x reader, kny kyojuro, kny rengoku, kny fanfic, rengoku, and Rengoku x reader. Content Warnings: x This story delves into heavy themes of angst, hurt, and moments of humor and fluff. POV: A new exchange student comes (ANGST warning). " ; [JJK X F!Reader] You, have the beauty of a goddness. But there. angsty tbh ☆ MASTERLIST. " I then walk away, ignoring his yells. Discover more posts about bllk x reader, bllk fluff, blue lock scenarios, nagi seishiro x reader, bllk smut, blue lock x you, and blue lock x reader. . Fluff (13) Pregnancy (13) Alpha Kirishima Eijirou (13) Unplanned Pregnancy (12) Angst (11). best telegram bots 2023 . Whenever he gets the. masonic ritual book pdf Read the most popular satoru gojo stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Gojo Satoru, deemed a prodigy and treated like a god despite being seven. Arranged Marriage. . . Chapter 3: I. . the word it self is simple, but the task it self made feel like it's a mission that needed to be dealt with extra care. For a prompt on tumblr: Maybe some Shiro x Reader? Comforting after a nightmare? Series. . pairing: gojo satoru/f! reader; baby! megumi & parental! gojo and reader. father jealous of son complex . Hurt and some comfort maybe. . #dottore #il dottore #il dottore x reader #dottore x reader #dottore/female reader #il dottore/female reader #dottore x female reader. Content Warnings: jujutsu kaisen manga spoilers, heavy angst, relationship problems, toxic relationship, very light smut, afab reader, slight mentions of depersonalization, resentment, mentions of obsession, implications of codependency but like they're not REALLY codependent. nanny!reader, ex-porn star/neighbor!hyunjin, generally inexperienced and painfully shy virgin!reader, fluff, humor,. . A Demon Rabbit that eats human flesh with a tragic backstory. . mammoth march promo code . A Crashed Wedding by riley ⸆⸉. See a recent post on Tumblr from @writing-fanics about ciel phantomhive x reader. . Gojo trying to dom but failing miserably. Satoru grunted feeling the coil in him tighten, his biceps corded and chest reddening ready to spill. Very short story Gojo x babysitter/servant reader? (Gojo 9/10years old - reader 15/16) Another spur of the moment story. . . Fluff and Angst; Platonic Relationships; Eventual Romance; Summary. unfortunately, you happened to fall in love with. cslistener port 9000 exploit github . 192K 5. . (angst/Lemon) Dazai Osamu X Reader. 28 Sep 2023. . New post. Completed. . allennlp textual entailment demo . . . Read the most popular utahime stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. . Certain but unpredictable. . Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore. Following the death of Kyojuro Rengoku, (Y/n), a new nurse at the butterfly manor, was recently tasked to care for Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Innosuke after their last missio. . y/n was the girlfriend of the president of l'manberg, Wilbur Soot. gay couple matching pfp documentarily qualified nvc 2022 . ". 32 Stories. . But for some reason this small child is different. cute; revenge;. Discover more posts about sukuna-x-reader. (Name) Shimizu has always been in her sister, the manager of the Karasuno Volleyball Club's shadow. . crackfic. . springhill suites marriott breakfast hours near me . Sign me up. group housing project case study